Feeling D I S C O N N E C T E D in today's busy and technological world? This group encourages interpersonal connection by improving communication skills, establishing boundaries, implementing acceptance, and self care to foster healthy relationships. Take a step closer towards breaking down life's roadblocks that get in the way of personal fulfillment, happiness, and meaningful connection. Want to connect? Take the step!


Do you feel uncertain about your sense of self, sexuality, or gender identity? Do you feel scared, confused, or disconnected?  This supportive group focuses on various LGBTQ+ topics including sexual & gender identity, coming out, transitioning, relationships, mental health, and self care.  We will explore the misplaced pieces that disrupt being your best self, within a safe environment, to unveil and practice living the life you want. Take a step towards healing and discover the unconditional love and acceptance available to you that you deserve.

I Am....

I am....struggling with anxiety, depression, and low self esteem.

I am....stuck in unhealthy belief systems that prevent me from finding my true worth and sense of identity.

I longer going to deal with this alone in shame.

I am....reaching out to others who can relate to me, support me, and encourage me to acceptance, empowerment, and self awareness.

I am....taking the courageous step towards exploration, healing, and growth.

I am....working on the most important relationship, the one with myself.

I am....yes....I AM