Group FAQ

Q. How much will the group cost?

A. Group is a flat rate of $40 per group

Q. What do I do if I want to start a group? 

A. Send me an email and we will discuss the following steps.

Q. Is the group in person or virtual? 

A. Group is totally done virtually.

Q. Do you accept HSA or health savings account cards? 

A. Yes!

Q. Do I meet with you first or just start a group?

A. We will first meet individually to assure you are a good fit for the group.  Then we will discuss when you can begin.

Q. What payments do you accept? 

A. Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, HSA (with fee)

Q. What if I know someone in the group?

A. If this happens, which it sometimes does, let me know individually and we will handle it.


Q. How do I know if what I share will be kept private?

A. Confidentiality is huge in therapy! At the start of each group, I sign everyone in on a sheet that also serves the purpose of each client acknowledging the confidentiality information. I will send this to you via email prior to your first day of group. If confidentiality is broken, the client who breaks confidentiality will be discharged immediately. This is because breaking confidentiality eliminates trust and the safety of the group. 

Q. Can I come to the group once or twice per month?

A. No. Not for weekly groups.  We need consistency in the group.  Prior to joining, you will need to commit to weekly attendance.

Q. Do you prescribe medication? 

A. No. However, I can help you with a referral to a psychiatrist.